The IAA works to help students augment their classroom experiences by providing enriching opportunities and activities related to international affairs. The IAA believes that such this is necessary to help produce informed individuals who excel not only academically, but also personally and professionally.

What It Is
The International Affairs Association is a student-run association open to any WWU student. The Association serves as the coordinating body for three constituent university programs: Borderline, Model United Nations, and Services & Events. Thus any individual who is a member of any of these three programs is by definition a member of the IAA.

Model UN
The traditional bread and butter of the Association, Model UN allows delegates to simulate the activities of diplomatic representatives to the United Nations. By attending conferences, authoring resolutions and writing position papers, delegates are able to hone not only their knowledge of international affairs, but also their talents at teamwork, communication and persuasion.

A monthly radio program aired on the University's KUGS station, Borderline focuses on global politics. Providing a mixture of written content pieces, online articles, and interviews with a wide range of guests, Borderline prioritizes collaboration in production and objectivity in results.

Services and Programs
The newest addition to the IAA family, Services and Programs is charged with new and experimental programs, fundraising and the so-called "miscellaneous" category,