Where and when do you meet?
The IAA holds general meetings every Wednesday from 6:00-7:00 PM in Miller Hall 131. 

What does the IAA do?
The IAA provides logistical, organizational, and financial support to the Model UN team, and helps to coordinate students with similar interests and passions.

How much does it cost?
The IAA does not charge dues to its members. The IAA primarily relies upon existing financial arrangements with the University and its own internal fundraising apparatus. That being said, the IAA does not provide meal stipends at Model UN conferences.

Does my major matter?
No! While the majority of IAA members come from Western's Political Science or Economics departments, many members (and a disproportionate number of officers) come from other backgrounds.

I saw the Community Model UN episode, is it like that?

I also saw the Parks and Recreation Model UN episode, is it like that too?
I missed a few meetings, is it too late to join?
The IAA is always open to accepting new members. Whether it be in mid fall or late spring, the doors to the IAA is always open. Stop by a general meeting, talk to an officer, or email us to introduce yourself.

Is there anything that I should do before attending to prepare?
The IAA has no expectations of members to be working during summer quarters or prior to joining. That being said, most members constantly maintain at least a passing interest in international affairs. In short: read, watch the news, and stay up to date.

Can I get college credit for attending?
At the present, Western does not offer course credit to members.

What is the Association's relationship with the University?
Something of a rarity, the IAA is a completely student run association. The IAA is not a part of the Associated Students Clubs, but rather a self-governing member of Western's Departmentally Related Activities Committee, where its interests are represented alongside those of music, debate, dance, and publications. The IAA is co-represented on this committee by a Political Science department faculty member.