President, Hanna McNulty

Hanna McNulty i
s a Senior at WWU. She is majoring in History and minoring in Political Science. After graduation, Hanna hopes to attend law school. This is Hanna's third year in the IAA and first year as an officer. She has been doing Model UN since her sophomore year, and has since then created some of her favorite memories through  the club. Hanna is especially grateful for the experiences and people that she has acquired through MUN. Her favorite club memory was representing Togo in the Human Rights Council at Northwest Model United Nations in Portland. Hanna is looking forward to another great year in Model UN and welcoming new people into the club!

Please contact Hanna for any general questions regarding the club, membership, or upcoming events.

Vice President of Logistics, 
Mary Piekarczyk

Mary is a Sophomore at WWU. She is majoring in Spanish and English Literature in addition to planning a minor in Arabic & Islamic Studies. This is her second year in IAA and her first year as an officer in this club. She hopes to improve her research, academic writing, communication, and public speaking skills through this club in addition to having fun learning about global politics. Mary’s favorite MUN memory was representing Argentina in the General Assembly at the Northwest Model United Nations Conference in Portland.

Please contact Mary with all logistical questions regarding conferences, including reimbursements, hotels, and budget questions.

Vice President of Model United Nations, Ryan Myrvold

Ryan Myrvold is a sophomore at WWU. He is planning to graduate with a major in political science, public relations, and a minor in environmental policy. This is Ryan's first year as an officer, and he hopes to improve his communication, leadership, and problem solving skills through Model UN. Ryan's favorite MUN memory was eating at the food trucks in Portland and making ridiculous puns for the entire night

Please contact Ryan with any questions regarding specific questions about how conferences work, as well as how to write position papers and rules of procedure for committee sessions.

Vice President of Outreach, Mathew Willoughby

Mathew Willoughby is a Junior at WWU. He is planning to graduate with a double major in Political Science and Public Relations. This is Mathew’s second year in the IAA and first year as an officer. He hopes to learn more about international relations, gain experience in written communication and meet new people interested in the UN. One of his favorite memories is from a MUN conference in Portland having fun with other conference members late at night. He cannot wait to meet new members and welcome them into the club!

Please contact Mathew with any questions about joining the International Affairs Association or how to learn more about the club.