President, Gillian Lait

Gillian Lait is a Junior at WWU. She is majoring in Psychology, as well as a student of Woodring College of Education. This is Gillian's third year in the IAA and second year as an officer, previously serving as the Secretary General of VIKMUN.

Please contact Gillian for any general questions regarding the club, membership, or upcoming events.

Vice President of Logistics, Jaden Moon

Jaden Moon is a sophomore at WWU. He's double majoring in political science and visual journalism, as well as a minor in public relations. This is Jaden's second year in IAA and first as an officer.

Please contact Jaden with all logistical questions regarding conferences, including reimbursements, hotels, and budget questions.

Vice President of Model United Nations, Kayla Callanan

Kayla Callanan is a senior at WWU. She is double majoring in Political Science and Sociology, with a minor in Economics. This is her second year in the IAA and first as an officer of the club. 

Please contact Kayla with any questions regarding specific questions about how conferences work, as well as how to write position papers and rules of procedure for committee sessions. 

Vice President of Outreach, Sarah Heussman
Sarah Heussman is a senior at WWU. She is majoring in Sociology. This is her third year in the IAA, and first year as an officer. 

Please contact Sarah with any questions about joining the International Affairs Association or how to learn more about the club. 

Secretary General of VIKMUN, Julianna Jackson

Julianna is a senior at WWU.  She is double majoring in Political Science and Humanities with a religion and culture concentration.  This is her fourth year in the IAA, with two years as president. Julianna has a passion for learning about foreign conflicts and the historical context behind them.  Due to this, she encourages students to stay open minded and willing to listen to others with views that conflict with their own.  For her future career, Julianna wants to either work in the intelligence community or in a diplomatic role in the USA or Israel. 

Please contact Julianna with any questions regarding VIKMUN, Western's high school Model UN conference.