Welcome to the home of Western Washington University's International Affairs Association. A completely student-run association, the International Affairs Association (IAA) provides students with opportunities to study, debate, and engage the variety of topics and matters present in the world today. Managing the University's award-winning Model United Nations team as well as the radio program Borderline, the Association works to complement and augment the traditional university learning experience by providing its members with hands-on extracurricular experience.                    

As a student-run group, the Association's priority is the enrichment of its member's college experience. By offering opportunities for students to demonstrate their abilities to future employers, graduate schools, and themselves, the IAA also enhances the prospects of its members after graduation. But the IAA is more than just work: Association members not only form professional relationships, but also lasting friendships. Whether through its annual island trip, frequent socials, impromptu hang-outs or Game of Thrones marathons, the IAA works hard to ensure that the time spent by its members is as fun as it is educational.

Open to any student pursuing any degree at Western Washington University. Meetings for Fall Quarter 2022 are held on Wednesdays in Miller Hall Room 131 from 6:00-7:00 pm. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at president@wwuiaa.com or at any of the addresses listed on the contact page.