One of the IAA's three constituent programs, Services and Programs (commonly abbreviated SAP or just 'Services') is charged with providing and facilitating activities and services not only for IAA members, but for the general University and Bellingham community. In addition, the SAP works as the fundraising arm of the IAA, raising money both for its own activities as well as for those of Borderline and Model UN. Click on any of the buttons below to learn more about the primary activities organized by the SAP

VIKMUN 2014 marks the 5th year of Viking Model United Nations. Held in beautiful Bellingham, WA and hosted by the Western Washington University International Affairs Association, VIKMUN is the largest secondary Model United Nations Conference in the US Pacific Northwest. VIKMUN offers four committees aimed at providing an enriching and fun opportunity for high school students to engage problems in international relations.

VIKMUN serves as the IAA's largest fundraising event and an important community event. As such, the IAA encourages members to help out whenever possible, and to work to make VIKMUN a rewarding experience for all those involved. For the first time VIKMUN is expanding to two days and will take place April 25-26, 2015.

Think Tank, offered by Western Washington University's International Affairs Association, allows students an opportunity to discuss world affairs, foreign policy, and other international matters in an open and informal manner. Participants are given a prompt, a list of suggested readings and are encouraged to formulate arguments, questions, and opinions for discussion. The monthly discussion group then meets and allows participants to air these ideas.

Think Tanks work by first having a discussion leader pose a question. After the question has been posed, the discussion leader posts readings that he or she thinks are pertinent and invites other to do the same. When the Think Tank meeting occurs, attendees are free to discuss the readings, debate, and enjoy the provided food and beverages. Think Tank usually occurs every one to two weeks.

Although it may not be as cerebral a simulation as one of the United Nations' Economic and Social Council, Western Westeros is almost certainly more fun. Hosted in conjunction with both the Game of Thrones Club and the Foul Play Club, Western Westeros allows attendees to simulate the fictional world of author George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.

In it, participants assume the role of key positions within the councils of three warring factions. A relatively free form experience, participants are encouraged to plot, plan, and even betray their way to victory. While many members of the IAA are self-professed "Watchers" of the series, Western Westeros is intended to be an accessible environment for all, including those without any knowledge of the books. As such, participants are asked to leave their corsets, gorgets, accents, and spoilers at home.

The international world is one of contradictions: force and diplomacy, tremendous wealth and great inequality. What is, however, constant are the ever present dynamics of change. Whether driven by globalization or geopolitics, For the first time in the IAA's history, Association members will have access to either free or heavily discounted subscriptions to some of the following international relations publications. 

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